Bring my mother from old age home to her house

My elder brother &sister in law has put my mother in old age home without my knowledge last 7 yrs back , i was working in Orissa , That time old home was run by owner& family Management was fine my mother learned telugu at the age of 83yrs i started visiting my mother in old age home regularly , as i was not able to take her,), mother is a diabetic patient ,in one of the visits August 2013 i found mother blindness of both eyes &infected her foot doctor advice me that i or any of the children , should be with mother as she needs not in the hands of worker ( often i used to visit her regularly from Orissa) , I lost my job in 2014 that time i has no place to go so i joined with my mother ,paying my monthly bill & helping all activity of home & mother As owner was become PA to Union Minister he was not able to give time to old age home he left to workers hand the damaging started many persons died & left reduced to 2 floors to one floor, services were also poor in the hands of workers & staff was not cooperating i informed by brother & Owner regularly that i will take mother to our house as i had no powers only request can be made as staff were not listening I started helping my mother in all activities, bathing making coffee & cooked food changing the cloths to mother in night also when mother is awake as she is blind day & night is no effect on her My son visited on August 2017 so i was unable to give mother time. In Oct 4th when i went home after giving old age food to mother l i left to home at 9pm, i got information at morning 5.30 am mother becomes serious they removed to hospital, when night she was fine i left to house real investigation to be done so that we know what actual happened to my mother after that they never allowed to see my mother , the bother & sister in law has taken my father’s hard earned money, mothers gold want to harass me so they are not giving no objection to visit old age home threatening with police compliant it is difficult as mother is left mercy with staff, i renovated my mother’s house which is 5 km away from home at present where i stay i was not able to sleep or eat food as mother in old age home struggling& how can i enjoy ? Will i meet my mother alive or not, the real staff who complains of me, her sister, son who harass my blind mother I require help my contact no [deleted]