Law against 354 D

I've been accused by a girl with whom I had a relation of near about 3 months- from June,2014 till Sep,2014. We used to talk around 8 hours in a day. We met 2 times. One day she told me that she had her lover but she wished to continue our relation as friends. I said, " I don't need any friend" and tried to go far from this relation. Just after two days,she told me that she had her lover but now she had nothing. She said, "It was just to know me, to know my react." When she knew I expected her to be a lover, she agreed on it.I couldn't believe. But she a she forced me to talk to her and told me to believe her that she loves me. She also told me that relation begins with belief. I believed her. The relation was very good. She used to talk to different boys and tried to keep it hidden. Every time I caught her. One day I asked about her ex lover. She gave me a lot of doubtful explanations & tried to escape me. So I tried to find out the actual reason of escaping me. She didn't tell me her original name & address. Anyhow I managed it. I met her with her friends (girls) and the owner of the hostel in and asked her the reason of avoiding me. She didn't take it normally and thought that my intention was to demotivate her in front of all her colleagues. After 2 months she made a complaint against me that I followed her. So If I can proof with the SMSs & call recordings that she forced me to find her any how, will this complaint be dismissed? Can I go for the counter case against her? Is there any chance to raise another complaint against me, like attempt to rape etc,? Please help me with the resolution.