Demand of Dowry & Mentally and Physically Harrasment

Sir, I was married on 02.12.2007. After the marriage I am living with my husband matrimonial home with husband mother-father,Brother-Bhabhi. Soon after the marriage my in laws including my husband started beating & and asking dowry and verbal abusing and keep all the jewellery and gift. My father fulfilled all the demands of my in laws at the time of marriage. After the birth of my girl child my in laws became more cruel and telling me to ask money from my father to future of girl child. Again I delivered a girl child, my in laws and husband started never ending torture. Some time I dial 100 for help of Police but after negotiation they return. I again pregnant for sake of boy. In the month of July 2014 my husband left the home with his mother-father during my pregnancy. His brother-bhabhi used to live in first floor of the home.No eatable items was in the home. I call my parent who lives in Bihar. With the help of my parents I manage the expenditure. I made a complain in this regard to Mahila Thana (Nanakpura, New Delhi) and NCW (N Delhi) but in vain. After the counselling with the husband who is not ready to live with me. Mahila Thana advised me to approach the court. Counselling of Mahila Thana was going on. I again delivered a girl child in Deen Dayal Hospital, neither my in laws and husband come to home. Now I have nothing to prove physical torture and demand of dowry. I am in fix. Kindly suggest me to what legal action may be taken against my in laws and husband.