My husband forced us ( myself and my 2 children ) out of matrimonial house by locking it (April 2009), when we had gone out to a temple. The reason being, i came to know his affair with my cousin.Since then we are living separately .With the help of police we got back our essentials : clothes, few house hold articles and Educational certificates except GOLD and SILVER articles belonging to me and my children. My husband claims that he has handed over them to my father. Later we filed a suit for maintenance (Crpc 125), and it was awarded to us in the year 2013. Now the question is how to get back our Jewelry since we did not claim it in the original suit, as i was in a state of shock. I initiated a pre litigation procedure at KSLSA , Bangalore (in the year 2014).During the conciliation proceedings, now even my father is refusing to hand it over to me, but he has admitted that he is in possession of the articles, and my husband also has given it in writing that he has handed over the articles which were in the matrimonial house to my father. Kindly advice as to how i can get back our belongings.