for filing criminal cases

i got married in 2003,got son in 2005 and since 2007 i am living separate from my wife and son.she left my home,went to my inlaws home and put some false cases against me like 498a,domestic violence,125 interim order of domestic court was decided in 2008 and court ordered me to pay 3000 per month from the date of petition filed means from 2007,i followed order and started to pay regularly,in july 2010 she started job in a collage as professor at 12000 per month salary yet she kept receiving 3000 from oct 2011 she put a petition to get maintainance for her and son as well saying that she do nothing and she is unable for BHARAN-POSHAN of herself and son.i decided to fight and filed rti in her collage and got documents of 2 year salary sheet but at the same time she put her resign letter and left job because collage informed her about my RTI.i put this argue in family court that she can work,she left work intentionally only to harass me however family court ordered me to give 2500 for her and 2500 for son total 5000 per month as a interim order while i was unemployed at court record.itwas unjustice and i appeled in high court but they also took favour of lower court and refused my petition.i put a RTI before some days ago in ESI department to know about her bcoz she was registered in esi department and they told me that i cant get information becoz as per their record she is unmarried,they are asking who i am. jabki hamara abhi divorce nahi hua hai.saare case chal rahe hai.pls suggest me about all criminal case with section which i can put against such a cheat,fraud lady.Perhaps she told lie in collage also that she is unmarried.pls suggest criminal section against her