498a wife now wants to withdraw the case and come back to me?

I live in delhi and my wife is from UP. My wife stayed only for 7 days with me after marriage and went back to her house. Since then, she never came back to me and after 1 year of marriage she filed a false 498a and domestic violence charges against me and my parents. Her stay with me was quite good but as soon as she went to her parent's house she started abusing me, demanded more jewelry from my family and started convincing me to get my father's house in my name. I am going through mediation procedure since then. But recently court has declared it to be a failed mediation and submitted report to mahila thana. I and my parents are on anticipatory bail. The charge sheet is yet to be filed. But now, my wife suddenly called me and told that she want to come back to me and withdraw the case. I am very confused about it because just a week before, she has been abusing me and my family and was saying that she can't be with me and that she wanted a divorce and now she is saying something just opposite. Please advice: 1. What paper works should I get done for quashing 498a & DV against me and my parents before taking her back? 2. Can she file 498a again in future? (Can 498a be filed again?) 3. She said on phone "your family troubled me so I took the revenge, now I want to finish all this". Can this phone recording be used as an evidence that she filed false 498a and be a ground for divorce? 4. Should a 498a wife be taken back? Thanks in advance.