Pattadar passbook rule for Joint registration

Dear Sir, Recently with some savings in hand I purchased a mango farm near my in laws home town in Vemireddipalle (Vissannapeta Mandal, Nuzvid Division, Krishna District), Andhra Pradesh. I did joint registration with my wife. While applying for a pattadar pass book, I'm being told that it is not possible to apply for a pass book(title book) with joint application. What I don't understand is when I can do joint registration, why not the revenue system allow joint pass book. They tell me it was stopped 2 years back(no justification given). When I requested to show me GO or some document that convince me whatever they are saying is correct, I don't get any proof. Through, online RTI portal, I applied to get some more details on this rule. Not sure how long it takes. 1. I want to know if whatever the VRO office is telling me is correct regarding joint passbook application. 2. Is there a way for my wife to give me complete authority (Or Gift) to get passbook on my name. What is the procedure. 3. Any deadline before which I need to apply for passbook. Awaiting your reply. Thanks, Bhargav.