Need your assistance if falsely charged by Section 7 of EC Act

I work in Mumbai. Basically i am from Bihar. In the month of Oct,2014, One police team including District level officer had done raid in our sweet shop. On spot, first they had taken sweet sample then after they started search some other things. While searching they found that few number of residential cylinder which were kept in my Grand father's room. Actually we operate our shop from ground floor and stay in first floor. My grand father stay in ground floor room. After finding, they didn't ask for documents of cylinder. And after that they had taken my relative to Police station. After keeping whole night in police station, they made FIR with previous date. And without giving any reason, they charged us with Section 7 of EC Act. On charge of this section, they kept my relative in jail for 3 & half months which was really hard for us. Some more details which we faced during this case was judicial process. It was too bad that judge always give date and give reason that number of cylinder is too high. After 3 & half months, judge finally given Bail order in hearing on 9th of Feb 2015 but order paper released on 11th of Feb 2015. The person, who never had criminal background, who has never done any quarrel with neighbors, who never had police case, was in jail for 3 & half months. Is this was justice? I want justice. That's why i need your help.