Dispute between tenant and landlord regarding the monthly rental.

I am currently a student and also in last year December, rented a flat in RT Nagar, everything was in place. I got the rental agreement also done and in the agreement its clearly written my per month rent would be RS.5000 including water, and electricity extra. There is no electricity meter and going by the landlords words and my previous experience i knew electricity wont be more than 200 and i was fine with it. And before coming i had already informed the landlord that i will be using induction cooktop for cooking purpose and he was fine with that. But now, today only my landlord said electricity bill for the previous month is Rs. 500 and now on i have to pay extra Rs.250 for water which is not mentioned in the agreement. And he also said pay or else vacate the room and according to the rent i have to pay Rs.2000 just for painting but thats only because I had agreed but i never knew i had to vacate in just 2months. I am vacating the room anyways and this month I am paying it, but the broker charges which i paid and now the painting charges and also in my mid semester i am facing real trouble of fining a room, I want to file a case against him. My question is, is there any way i could file my case in karnataka high court and as far as i know there is some free legal aid also given. But i don't know the procedure. Could anyone guide me as how to file a case and sue the landlord for cheating and mental and physical harassment?