Coaching institute exploited : Not conducting proper classes

I joined to IAS coaching center during July 2014 by paying a fees of Rs.60,000. I attended classes at Marathalli Branch(One area in Bangalore) from monday to friday (7.30 AM) At the time of joining, they promised as following. 1. All classes will be provided at Marathalli Branch, No need to go to any other branches for classes. 2. If any class is missed during week days i.e monday to friday same classes will be conducted on saturday and sunday which student can attend. 3. No need to study any other books/references as they will provide study material, which is prepared by referring all books. But none of them is finished till now. we tried to talk with the staff members of the coaching centre many a times, Initially they told "IAS main exams are going on, now we are concentrating on it at January 2015 it will be over, we will rectify our mistakes". After that also no proper classes are conducted so We complained at head office but they are back firing with nonsense questions 1. One person of coaching center tells that you have to attend classes at other centers in bangalore but they are not providing proper timings(During joining they said no need to go to other branches). If we call also many times they wont answer our call. 2. Another Person says all the the portion is already completed in Marathalli Branch, we will provide only references you have to buy books and study everything on your own(During Joining they said we will provide material no need to refer any other books) 3.They told every week tests will be conducted but that is also not done in proper manner Because of all this we are suffering a lot even after paying so much money. To earn Rs 60000 it takes more than two years for my parents so I decided to get back the money that we paid. I have following Queries, Request you to let me know what I have to do now 1. Is it possible to get to money back? What i have to do for that? 2. How we can prove that coaching center is not giving proper training, what proofs i need to provide for that?