Misuse of poa

I entered into a Development Agreement for a 1000 sq ft plot,Where the promoter was required to first complete and hand over owners allocation.Then sell or register Deed. A registered POA was given granting powers to sell on our behalf but the payment was to be deposited in our bank account.The promoter started collecting money and also executed registered sale deed without our knowledge. and did not deposit any money.He has not completed the construction and is absconding.I have cancelled his power and managed to take his signature. I was a very healthy lady practically no illness.This promoter entered into a sale agreement with two persons a year back on hearing the news I suddenly developed severe cardiac arrest and had to undergo bypass surgery.and still recovering.He is not completing the construction which should have taken maximum one year now it is two years.Please suggest as to what should I do now.Fe has registered many sale deeds and has taken away the money.I am practically incapacitated due to my ilness. Please help.