Landlord Threatening Us

Hello, I work in an IT Company in Chandigarh. I live with my husband in a flat in Panchkula. I have taken flat on rent from an old lady who lives with her family. I shifted in flat in October. Due to failure of all the promises she has kept while taking flat on rent, I have decided to vacate the flat. We have given her notice of vacating the flat. We have a rent agreement according to which, while vacating I have to give a one month notice (that I have given) and I have to pay rent for my last month and this rent will not be adjusted with security amount. I have no issue in paying this month rent to her but I am 100% sure that she will not return my security. She has not even refunded security for her another flat. So, I don't want to pay her this month rent. I asked her to adjust security amount with rent as both amounts are same but she is saying give me rent and I will give security while you vacate. She is threating us badly saying that she will come to our office(mine and husband) and create issues there. She even used abusive words on phone. I have kept recording of all what she said. Please advise what should we do on an immediate basis as I don't want to pay her the rent. Thanks in advance!