Senior citizens harassment and their welfare rights

DEAR EXPERTS, My father is over 60 years of age and mother is 58 yrs and has diseases like high B.P., stone in gall bladder and mother suffering from high B.P. too since 2000. In Dec 2012 my elder brother got married and the grls side gave a ritz to their girl which is in her name as token of love,after marriage his wife started fighting with my parents on the issue of transferring the ownership of my father's self earned property on her's name though my father has already told them that village land worth 20 lakhs and shop worth 5 lacs will be in their name after their death. due to this my brother and his wife have been out of the house for a year approx in 2013 and took all the jewellery she got in wedding from my mother and all the photo albums with her, but later on when they felt they can't run their family without money since the money they took from my parents worth 50000/- got over so they started pressurizing relatives to take them back in home.after relatives intereference and social pressure my parents took them back in the house in Aug 2014 . since then there has been issues regarding my brother has no job and my parents making efforts to earn on daily basis for their expenses. there has been lot of interference everytime from daughter's parents side regarding small issues. his father has threatened me & my parents several times as he is local politician in his village. In Sep 2013 my brother misbeahved with me in front of family due to which i decided to stay out in paying guest, its been 6 months m not in touch with them except my parents. now there is regular fights between father, son and daughter in law regarding property since that flat is in my name( home loan on my name) and no earning. there is lot of insecurity in my brother & his wife as I am unmarried. today my father has been physically assaulted by my brother,for transferring the flat in his wife name. and my parents went to local police to which the police reacted lazy and made to sit both parties and asked for compromise. the daughter in law has earlier filed up complaint at womens cell on fake basis against my parents which she frequently threatens my parents. she has been everytime threatening my parents of putting fake allegations of dowry and false my parents are emotionally, financially,mentally in a very bad state. i cant see my old aged ill parents are roaming here and there when they did nothing wrong. Our law has given a Brahamastra to daughter in laws to harass brother and her parents are using this Brahamastra against us for the sake of property. Is there any law in this country for senior citizens to avoid huge harassment by their son and daughter in law..when son and daughter cant look after their old aged parents so why should my brother's wife can claim over my father's hard earned property..and only for the sake of money and property why our law has given so much legal options to harass them..when husband is not earning and dependent on parents himself then how the daughter-in law can file a complaint and claim property.can we legally secure my parents from fake reports and complaints on ground of my parents old age /senior citizen..against my brother and his wife. please note the daughter in law belongs to hathrus dsitrict (near agra) and wedding took place in her home town only. so where we should seek help or incase the girls father files a case then what should be the correct and foremost step to safeguard my parents from harassment. kindly advice the lawyer details who we can meet in person in ghaziabad or delhi and discuss the procedure. and who can guide us correctly. what is going to be the fees paid for it and incase we file case in court how much is going to be the total expenditure on it. please advice on urgent basis. regards sv