suicidal death in police custody

Shravan, a stonemason residing at Basavanagudi, was summoned to the Police Station on 2 January 2014. The Police suspected his role in the armed robbery of a merchant, Ramamurthy, of Rs. 10 Lakh. A case has been registered with the Police Station and investigation is underway. Shravan and five other accused in this case were all in the employ of Ramamurthy and were engaged in a wage dispute with him over the past few months. Shravan was detained in police custody for four days, without being produced before a magistrate within twenty-four hours of his arrest. On 7 January, his family was contacted with news that Shravan had hanged himself with his shirt from the bathroom window even as the investigation was underway. When his body was finally released to his family on 10 January, they noticed several burn marks around his groin and found that his ribs had caved in. The family strongly suspects that Shravan was tortured while in custody and seeks judicial recourse. They approach you to identify the relevant provisions of law to take further action.