my wife have no interest in anything

I have been married for almost a year,it has been an arranged marriage. As in normal cases she had been very kind and understanding during initial talks of marriage. Her parents also showed great interest in our family and projected her as understanding,respectful and helpful but the things came out something else since the first day of marriage. She has been rude to everyone in my family, always kept herself aloof from my family members. She doesn't even like me to visit my sisyers. I am a central government employee and mostly stay away from my parents. .she wanted to stay with me so I brought her with me where I was posted. But she wanted to keep herself away of neighbours not talking too them in get together or parties. She doesn't care to cook even if I had nothing for whole day.. doesn't show any interest in our house. All that she likes is to watch TV , eat pastries,buger..have juice and sleep. At times she cooks is when she feel like having something. To top all this is that we haven't had a normal sex till now. She always either have pain or feel sleepy. I tried to convince her to visit a doctor but she says that everything is fine with her. I have told her that if she can't do anything she can pick up a job and live the she likes to but she doesn't want to. I have been going through this mental trauma everyday. I told her to get divorced if she can't handle this relationship but she says she won't and I have to live like this and keep suffocating. Her parents threaten to file dowry case against me and my family if filed a divorce case. I want to get out of this relationship. Please help me.