Legal & Social Hurdles in Inter Religious Marriage

Sir/Madam, I am Deepak age 27; Hindu is married to Saba age 34. Muslim. We did Arya Samaj Marriage at Arya Samaj Mandir under the Arya Samaj Validation Act 1937 (Section 19) and Hindu Marriage Act 1955 in the year 2013. Sir, we have not yet disclosed our marriage to our families and socially due to family and socially pressure. But now want to disclose it now. We are in love and relationship more than 10 years and in past year 2005, we were escaped from our houses. At that time, I was minor (age 17) and we were caught by our families and issue were sort out at police station. But we keep our relationship secretly and done marriage now. Now I want to know, what the legal and social hurdles, we can and have to face. My issues are as under below: 1. Is our marriage is valid legally or need to do registration to avoid any legal and social hurdles. 2. We feel that there would be threat to our life as we disclose this relationship to our family so what action need to be taken by us as married couple. Please suggest us. Thanks