My Uncle Died & left us in a problem between 1st & 2nd wife.

My Uncle died 2 years back. He had a business in Germany and used to travel a lot. He had married in Germany and has a Daughter from that marriage.She is an adult and a doctor in Germany now. But a few years later, he married in our country and has 2 sons from this marriage. They are both teenagers. Their mother filed Harassment case against us and framed us. My uncle went to jail and due to his heart condition he died after a few days. But before that he divorced the 2nd wife. Then soon after the case was dismissed because it was bogus. So the German daughter took my uncle's share and went back to Germany. Now they want share of his property. Legally she was never his wife as he didn't divorce his 1st Wife(German). Now is there any law or rule by which we can say that due to the mother not being ever legalized as wife the sons can't inherit...??? The sons aren't even 18 yet. We don't have much, its just 1 house, which was left by my Grandfather, we don't want to break and divide it.