Need suggestion for Divorce

Hi Everyone, I am a 27 year old male, and got married 2 years back. After marriage, my wife left for studies immediately, and after completing her studies, she refused to come back. After attempting all the mode of communication, like email, sms, phone, etc, I tried to talk to their parents as well, but failed. So I filed section 9, in January 2014, and in September 2014, the case went ex party, as they never appeared in any date. After discussing it with judges, I filled divorced case in October 2014. They did not appear for 2 dates, but appear in 1 date, Dec. 2014. Now again, the last date was 3rd Feb 2015, and they did not appear in case. We never had physical relation and this is the ground of my divorced. in Oct 2014, they lodged a complaint against me in women helpline, which was closed in Jan 2015, without any results. Till now, they have not filed any case, FIR against me or my family member, other then women helpline. As we have no communication, so I am unable to record to collect such proofs. Can somebody help me out to understand what is going to happen next, or if there is any other way which I missing to get this thing sort out quickly. Thanks for any help and suggestions.