What shall I do when I still love my husband?

Hi.. I got married on 17th July '13' and from Nov '13' I had been living at my maternal home as my husband left for Abroad in oct '13' after fighting over cash to be transferred into his account from mine and he even didn't talked to me after I denied that I can't give the whole amount but yes u can take 2/3 of it but he started accusing me that " diya kya hai tere Baap ne loag toh isse bhi zyda detey hain" n once he left my sister-in-law started saying ki " usko paise de de warna divorce k baad LAdki ki zindagi barbad hoti hai, ladke toh hath jhad k nikal jaate hain" n my mother-in-law said " de de paise warna uska dil kahi aur lag gya toh kya kregi". On Diwali day my father-in-law kept on shouting on me n using vulgar language for my family n sisters n I was so depressed that I couldn't hear all that bulshit but on next day as discussed earlier with my in-laws I was going home for Bhaiya duj n before leaving I met my mother-in-law n my nandoi that I m going n wil be back in 4 days but as I left my father-in-law called my dad that Vandana left without intimation n even messaged him the same later when I dad said ya I called her for Bhaiya Duj. Later I started getting messages that u used to abuse my parents in front of my relatives n u left home on ur own n have taken all ur belongings gold n silver with u. I was stunned so decided to talk to them but they were not in noida as we went twice to their place but on 2nd dec '13' I, my father n mother again went to their home n met my Nandoi alone who told us that my In-laws will be back by 15th dec'13' so on 22nd dec'13' I went their alone as my parents had to go to their relatives place coz of someone's death but once I entered my Na doi misbehaved n pulled me towards him n some how I managed to run into my room n called the PCR but instead of coming they told me to visit the police station n after the call my nandoi let me go. At police station after waiting till 8:30pm I got to know that my in-laws had filled a complaint against me on 7th nov'13' just 3 days after I went for Bhaiya duj wid two pair cloths that I left home on my own with all my belongings gold n silver articals.. I was stunned n after that I filed the case of molestation against my Nandoi n dowry against my husband n in-laws In Delhi court in jan'14 ' n mediation failed coz I wanted these people to be punished for playing game with my life n still cases are running in different courts. I don't have any kind of contact with my husband n his parents don't even give his address so that he can be summoned n the court has asked me to get the address n proclaimation has be done through court. Now on 16 n 20 feb '14' I have dates but I don't know but I love my husband a lot n just want to know that does he love me? But scared that if I call him that wil go against me In the court. What shall I do if I want to talk to him? N please suggest that what shall I do to get his address n as I love him is it possible that he can be contacted by someone who can make him understand that his wife loves him n he should live a happy married life. Marriage was a Dream for me but never thought that it wil be for just 3 months.