No Occupancy Certificate

I am looking for a property in Bangalore and I found one that suits my requirements and within my budget. On enquiring further I was told that this particular building don't have Occupancy Certificate and the builder don't have any intention to get one in the near future. I was also told that there are few violations that the builder has done against the approved plan. At the same time Developer don't want to pay any fine to get the OC. All the units in the apartment has been sold long back (2007). At that time they say OC/Khata never existed and they never bothered to get one. Even now the unit owners are very complacent and they are not forcing the Builder to get one. They say never the apartment will ever get demolished. So there is no point in panicking. Now I am little bit concerned about going ahead with this as I have been googling and see that OC is very important. Although I don't have any plans to sell it in future I don't want to go for any property that is not clear in the legal documents. Please can someone help if I have to go for this or not.