Pension papers of my mother in law

My mother in law had bought 5 katha land from the money given to her from her father as streedhan in the year 1960. She has 5 sons and 2 daughters, i am the wife of youngest of the twins. We were iving in the same premises with her and in another part of the bilding, my husband was running his business for which the rent was being paid to her. Due to some major family conflicts, my brother in laws started forcing my husband to either quit the work place and stay in the building or continue the work and stop living in the same premises. the matter became worse day by day and finally with support from her two daughters and elder son she wrote the piece of land in my husband's name. knowing this one of his son, took the original land document and her original pension papers. He also changed the brother who was earlier supporting us and has signed the land document as witness in his favour. since then her pension has stopped. all the while they harassed my mother in law so much that now she is very sick and my husband along with his sisters is looking after her. I wanted to know that after the death of my mother in law, is there any scope based on which they cab file a case against my husband or me? It is a long story