For case of section 420/34, employee name in F.I.R

I was working neelkanth overseas at vashi,Navi Mumbai as visa counselor. i joined in 10th April 2014. I left this job on 5th september 2014.Above Company has done fraud with apx 300 clients . The Owner of above company closed office and ran away doing this fraud on 17th January 2015. So many clients has lodged complaint F.I.R against above company and owner . Also they have included name of all employees who worked there as a Visa Counselor. My responsibility as a visa counselor was to attend clients, give them information about overseas job as per my Seniors Order. The senior use to analyse clients resumes and tell us to reply clients to apply for job. then client use to submit their required documents for application along with Advance payment on the name of Owner of the above company. Owner would also give the clients security against their payment in the form of MOU on Stamp Paper with notarized. Can u Pleas Advice me what is my fault and why clients and police both haressing me for their Loss. And What has to be the Way out from this case for me to be released Innocent. Kindly please Advice me the best way as soon as possible. NOTE : I Have taken Interim Anitcipatory Bail for my safety by Thane session Court.