sole Proprietorship firm Questions

Hi, I am running a sole Proprietorship firm selling Domain names, Webhosting to Indian as well to International clients. I also provide various other web design, web development services mostly 99% to international clients who pay me via paypal or 2checkout i.e. online transfer and that gets transferred to my current account. I work from home and have no office or any employee. I pay other freelancers and get work done as and when required . I file my IT returns under my personal name. I dont have shop Establishment or any other registration done. Now I want to normalize everything so i can plan for expansion under sole proprietorship only. Ask; 1) Do i need to apply for service Tax #? 2) Does service tax apply on web hosting and web domain names? 3) If service tax is applicable on one service i provide and does not applies on other services how to handle that? 4) As my web design and dev services are only for international users where i cant charge Service tax, but they transfer funds via paypal/2checkout in $$ and that gets converted to INR and gets deposited to my current account. 5) As i work from home do i need Shop Establishment license or any other license? 6) Do i need to have Export/Import license though i don't sell or import any physical goods. Appreciate your efforts.