Abcd marriage

Long story short: I am Muslim born in hyd to lower middle class family, Married to US Citizen (USA) and currently I am no longer Indian citizen, I am a US citizen, my wife parents (currently US citizens) are from Indian origin, if I have to divorce my current wife, what are the steps to be followed in order not to stuck in Indian courts. Currently we are married from 5+ years with no kids, is it mandatory to come with wife in order to process divorce in India or fly alone will do the job. What I know: So far I know that I can obtain divorce certificate from Qazi after processing providing the Maher and maintenance for 3 months. What are the precautions to be taken as my wife family can do anything to harassed, dowry case or any other type of cases they can file against me or my family in Indian courts, I want to make sure of everything as it's hard to fly multiple times from US to India as you know all Indians come here to earn money and get a better life.. [deleted] 498A IPC 498A / 406 of ipc against you or your family Maintenance case under section 125 of crpc against you before family court. May god reward you! Please help me