Regarding lay off

6 months post merger of my organization, i was sent an email stating that my level has been changed and I was demoted. Now I have been told that my role is being curtailed. Though, my performance ratings have been meeting expectation. I was also directly told that this is a clear writing on the wall and that I should look out for a job? There is no apparent reason and I don't get along with my boss. He has been mentally harassing me and at various forums I have said that I am being harassed. I was also given 90% bonus and the reason given was probably I don't meet my boss expectation whereas never my roles and responsibilities have been communicated to me. I was also told today that I haven't been able to align with the boss and there have been multiple instances but no further detail. Tomorrow I have a formal meeting with the top boss wherein he would like to discuss with me how the communication will roll out and to whom the communication will roll out? All the other direct reportees of my boss obviously are going to support him. I want to negotiate that I should be allowed to serve 3 months to find another job and I should also get my company performance bonus though the clause says one has to be on the rolls of the company to be entitled for that. Also, I want my current role and designation to be mentioned on my experience letter. Can you give me legal advice?