Friends problem

Dear Sir / Ma'am , Greetings for the day !!!!!!!!!! I was having a good friend in my college starting days a best friend but he always start fighting with me for small things that if I had weared the things given by him or I was not there with him in college just for 10-20 minutes one day I met a girl she become my good friend so I give some time to her so he started abusing me for her that you are not giving time to me and always go to that girl, and I got tired of listening that from him so then I started giving reply to his words and one day he cuted his own hand nurv by Blade so I took him to the hospital but no case resisted as he was not seriously injured so I started paying attention to him one day again he attampt a suicide coz I met the girl in college so I left my friend and never spoken it was my training period of 2 months he call me many times I never replied but then his mother tell me to talk to him as a simple friend so I did but he again started that don't talk to her or do what I'm saying again I refuse to talk to him again and again he do the same I tried for 4-5.times to talk to him as a simple friends but he refused he was a mental patient before he attempted suicide coz I'm his report the doct said that he was mentally disturbed from 6 months and it was only 4 months from his first suicide ,he was depressed before his suicide attempt bcoz his father was in prison in case of some property and now he filed a case against me and that girl of mental harassment so what I do