Property bought in joint names

I bought a home in virar in 2010 in the name of me & my mother for which all the funds were given by me. I included her name thinking incase of my uncertain death she will not face any problem. I got the possession of the house from the builder in the year 2013.After taking the possession we (Me, mother and 2 younger brothers) shifted to this house.I have taken a home loan on the said property in my name. All the loan amount, bills, maintainance were paid by me. Then in Feb 2014 i got married. Me and my wife decided to shift to a rented house as commuting to off was far. Since a year me and wife are staying different and Mother with 2 brother who are not minor are staying in virar. We visit them on weekend. The loan emi is still paid my me only. Now i have decided to sell the house for which i have got a buyer too. After striking the deal my mother refused to sign the agreement and placed terms and conditions which i cant fulfill Like she is asking for 50:50 share, arrangment of a house and all the expenditure will be paid by me and till they are alive i should look after them. I request you all to guide me how to sell this property. I cant believe that she is not signing when she knows i am financially not sound and purposely placing terms which i cant fulfill.Please help me.