About rcr

Dear sir, I got married last 2 years back, in this 2years she leave my home 4times without informing me, hardly we stay together 8months in 2years married life. 4months back she given a 498 complaint letter in her home town local police station against me, In that she covers all false topics like mental, physical, dowary harresements etc. when she leaves my home she is 3rd month pregnant, after she go to her home she done abortion without informing me. But she given a complaint in police station she loss his pregnancy when i kick in his stomach, she loss his pregancy after 7days leaving my home. Actually i done scanning before day she leave my home, i am having that hospital documents And i am having phone conservation between my wife and his mom, in that they both discussing topics like using tablets for prevention of pregnancy, mom tell him to aviod pregnancy, wrong suggestions about my family, about pregnancy, dominating behaviour with me like that. After she given 498 complaint in police station,i given a hospital documents and phone conservations to police persons they understand the actual situation. They given 3times counselling without register 498 case then my wife agree to return back to my home. But already 4months completed she is not ready to came to my home, now she is telling i am coming to home. What can i do now? I want to file RCR is it good or not? plz suggest me what can i do?