education fee

Hello sir/madam. I am parikshit age is 17 years(dob-27,11,1997).actually i am going through a family crisis.and i want advice regarding my education.I right now study in class 11 and will be going to class 12.. So the issue is my father and mother dont live toghether.i live with my mother..lets keep aside the point who is right and who is wrong. My father live with my grandparents ane my mother lives with us as the house is on her the point is i am getting promoted to class12 in few days and i need to urgently ie in a couple of days..literally have to submit my tution fees around 15000 in first quarter and for registration .so she has denied me by saying that she cant arrange while i know she can because sge has a lot of jewellery .you know while my father is a government servant and he cant arrange i know that..lets not get into stats.also there is a case which my mother filed on him for maintainance which is still under jurisdiction and that he pays us 10000 and our "school fees".tell me what to do as i need money legally as my mother is stubborn and she wont do anything which in she feels loss.lets talk legally i want to know everything i can do ..its my future and a do or die situation.and would like to mention that i am damn intelligent u know money aint gonna be a waste. Or you please call me at7:30 pm tomorrow if u want ti talk to me over phone sharp.please help.tell me everything i can do to extract money out of her.i know zhe wont give me like normally and my father cant pay because of his financial reasons. Also please dont mention that try to do it like family...coordination ..they dislike each other like hell... Give me quick solution..please contact with solution or call both will work.