I'm frustrated Please help me I beg of you.

hi, I prefer to remain anonymous for various reasons. I was arrested for a crime which was not committed by me but by my friends ans at the time when the crime was committed I was a minor. I was taken into custody after 2 years for that crime by police and they let go all others because they paid them bribe(of course I don't hav any evidence for that but I saw it whilw I was still in custody) and they kept me detained for 4 days as I questioned them why any of my relatives were not notified of my arrest if it was arrest at all and why am I not being allowed to telephone anyone as it should be allowed as mentioned in the notice board of the police station in high voice and they beat me up and threatened me that "when we produce you before judge, tell him/her that you were taken into custody this morning and the police didn't trouble in any kind or else we'll not file chargesheet in court upto an year and when we file a chargesheet' we'll add some more serious crimes and you'll have to be under judicial custody in prison for atleast an year" so I agreed under fear of my future, they took my signature and all on a FALSE CONFESSION which they prepared and accused me under sec 379 for theft. after that i took bail and we convinced the complainant to withdraw complaint and he did so.. this is my brief case history. Now I'm a CA aspirant and in no way connected to any of my old friendship and I don't go out often either but still they call me to station atleast once a month and make me wait for 3 to 4 hours and ask all kinds of uncomfortable questions and threaten me that if we wish we can come and take you and undress you in station whenever we want we won't let you sleep peacefully and all... I being a CA student am seriously lost my peace of mind and concentrarion... I'm from a lower middle cllass family so I had to choose this platform to advice.. I beg of you to please advice me on the following problems of mine: 1) was it right that I was tried as an adult for a crime that may or maynot have been committed when I was a minor? 2) after I have resolved all the court related affairs do I still have to be under surveillance? 3) can I go against them and appeal that my name to be left off from their records and that I should be left alone? please answer me on this.. please