Dishonor of Cheque.

Hello, I have 3 fixed deposits with a Pune based construction company. 2 FDs got matured in the month of August 2014 and September 2014. Till today the maturity amount has not been paid to me. In the month of October 2014 the company had sent me a letter stating the following: "FDs maturing from 1st October 2014 till 31st January 2015, you may kindly indicate ur preferences for extending the term of your deposits for the further period of six months or till March 2015 whichever is earlier in line with the provisions of companies act introduced in April 2014. We request you to kindly forward us your bank details alongwith cancelled/ photocopy of your cheques with IFSC, MICR no. and other bank account details to enable us make electronic transfer(ECS). In case you are not availing ECS facility, you may feel free to return the PDC to your broker or the company at the registered address given below for the replacement with the new cheque. We request you to not to deposit the post dated cheques issued to you last year or earlier." I have a FD that has matured in December 2014. As my previous FDs have not been paid yet, I do not wish to renew the FDs. So I did not return the cheques to the company. But deposited the PDCs in the bank. the cheques were returned back due to insufficient funds. I would like to know if I can file a complaint under section 138 for cheque dishonor and demand my money? If yes could you please elaborate on the procedure for the same and the legal implications. Thanks in advance.