Need Divorce

I got married 4 years back. After marriage, I found my husbands living standards quite below the mark and nothing as he had stated. The house very damp.No Almirah. He said to keep clothes and jewellery in the Box- bed (divan). I had agreed to marriage as I belived a certain financial stability is equally important in life. When I asked him to produce his Company payslip to cross-check/verify the salary he had stated, he refused saying his company does not provide payslip. He had earlier said he had an annual income of Rs.12 lacs. At time time, I was working and my take home salary was 13 - 15k. He pressurised me saying I needed to earn more 30k - more later etc. I understand today those things were said to belittle me. There were many other things which his mother said and relatives, which I ignored, thinking maybe she is not educated enough. I left his house as truly speaking it was a shock to me. I cannot live in that condition. I continued with my job and stayed separately. I had a hike after a year and my take salary was 22k. I could live on my own. But I have been very sick past 3 years. I cannot work. I have been living on my savings. I tried connecting with him many times. But no response. Complete silence. Some people say he is married again. And staying at parent's place is not much welcomed for a married daughter with no earning. And I fall sick again and again. If he does not want me back in his life, atleast grant me a divorce.