One of my friend was working in a company as HR. She had to leave one day suddenly from office due to medical emergency of one of her relatives in chandrapur. She informed her reporting head verbally before leaving from office. She was in touch with her reporting head. But after 3 days she got a email from office stating that she had not informed office about her absentism and that if she doesn't report by next day then management will take action against her. Same day she replied by email that she was in chandrapur and she didn't sent a formal email because she was tensed due to medical emergency but she had informed her reporting head verbally about it. After almost 6 days she joined her company back and on the next day when her bosses were in office they were shouting on her for no apparent reason. Finally she got fed up with the things and she decided to go and resign. When she met her boss, she said she wanted to resign because the management had no human approach coz they wanted her to resume job in spite of a serious emergency. Then suddenly her boss got angry and started yelling and asked her to get out of the office and that she is terminated and they will call cops. This conversation of her boss shouting was recorded by my friend. On the same day my friend emailed her resignation. Later after two days she received a letter by courier from her office stating that they will take legal action against her for doing recording. Please advise