I want compensation

My land case was running in the year from 1991 to 2005. We Won the case in the year 2005 Won and entered the house’ house 150 sq feet land was occupying by neighbor. I given the petition to 7 government office in the year from 2005 to 2015 for recover my occupying land 150 sq feet. I had to wander by government officer in 10 years (7 government office) Last 10 years I got many tribulation that government officer was not give in my document My tribulation given below: 1- I put case against neighbor in the year [deleted]-Tenant put the case against me with forgery document in the year [deleted]-I have applied get the connection for water and sewage disposal . But I did not get the connection. A total of 6 people in our house. We are used 60 pots of water per day. We have suffered to take it for 10 years. We have suffered not able to do for Sewage disposal in 10 years. 4, Aggressor and tenant has been complaint to the police staion against me.sub inspector threatened me in police station and my house(after know the truth and inspector did help me) 5, Aggressor and tenant both are together trubling me last 10 years SHALL I ASK COMPENSATION 10 CRORE TO GOVERNMENT OFFICE ?