Miss Tibet to promote Tibetan culture and society

Miss Tibet pageant is in existence but unlike most pageants, it has never competed internationally in major competition(s). It has a mere average of 5 contestants per year and although it has represented Tibetan culture to a certain extent, it never had the fullest potential to do so. I think one of the greatest adherents against this pageant has been the Chinese power but it is inevitable when the pageant's motto is to speak about the "Tibetan cause". I think the former Tibetan state being an autonomous region at present has every opportunity to represent itself in big international pageants. If we remove the political aspects of the existing Miss Tibet pageant then I'm sure the Chinese PR govt. will have no problems as to the promotion of Tibetan women globally since the People's Republic of China is a huge nation and such significant regions thus, have a right to represent themselves. China had previously pressured Tibetan contestants to use "Tibet-China" when competing internationally. I think Tibet Autonomous Region or "TAR" would be suitable to both parties and would solve the issue over the sash denotation. Lastly, I'd like to clarify that I am in no way affiliated with the current Miss Tibet pageant that occurs in India and would instead like to start a new pageant which would be aimed towards international fields. Kindly advice me as to how to get the legal proceedings underhand so that the Chinese PR govt. would accept this officially. Thank you very much!