workplace harassment and illegal confiscation of salary

I had been appointed to a fairly respected position of National Fellow under Ministry of Culture and worked for 2 continuous years with the certification of 'most productive employee'. there was a chage of director of the institute to which the Ministry of Culture allocated me under the above-mentioned designation. this selected director did not possess or meet any of the job-specific requisitions mentioned in the advertisement for proposal for the designation, and rather unilaterally been selected [vis-a-vis proposals of internationally reputed lumineries] on values of her mentor being a high-political chair holder and shoe-licker of the President. anhow, owing to her own personal insecurities [being aware that she is the least desrving and the worst-performing director], she started a policy of harvesting sycophancy among the employees, to which I firmly yet politely refused to yield. on an non-existing pretense one morning she harrasssed and abused me verbally with slangs that blacken my parents and my character and physically forced me out of the premise shouting orders of not coming back unless i agree to work under terms dictated by herself. as i lodged grievance at the MOC it addressed the director and gave a deadline to issue a request letter to rejoin office and ordered her release of illegally confiscated salary of mine with interest. she did nothing. i sent a lawyers warning from high court to which she did not respond. and now the case is pending in court still silence ruling on her side. as i am certaily not getting subsistence means, could anyone advise me how to fast-track the path to justice? thank you. Antara