against harassment and Attempt to murder on me

Hi sir, I got married to G. Mohan in the year of 2006, post that I have experienced he is psycho, drinker and started torturing me after few months of my marriage. I got two kids after few years even then his psycho activities have not stopped. He has attempt to murder on me and my kids with intention of his 2nd marriage when I was residing at Hyderabad CRPF quarters and got hospitalised in the quarters. Somehow I have escaped from him and saved my children’s and shifted to my home town Dharmavaram with help of my parents. Again he came on leave with strong plane to kill me at any cost and asked for apology in the presence of my parents ,neighbours and entered my home and for the same night he attempt to murder with an iron rod due to which I got hurt very badly and got hospitalized( Please find the attached Govt.Doc documents for proof for the same) . Post this I have filed an FIR against him, the same news came on ENADU Local Newspaper as well and requested local police to take action against him but he managed the situation with Money and Local politician power .I have sent many escalation to CRPF head of Departments but no action has taken against him till now or not sure he might have managed even this. So kindly advise take an action against him where am struggling to save my children life and mine from past 3 year by climbing courts steps , Local police but still not NO JUSTIFICATION has done. Hope you understand my situation of children life which is in threat. Please save my children life by taking strong action against on him. Will be waiting for your replay and advise form you. We are really very happy if we get any answer from. I am really thanks helping every one like me. if you don't mind plz send reply on [deleted].