Arrested and jailed for things my father didnt do

My father works in BSL(Beas Satluj Link) Project in Sundernagar, distt. mandi, Himachal Pradesh as Junior engineer. From many days, a thekedaar was asking my father to sign some papers but my father wouldnt sign them as he asked him to take permissions of his S.D.O. Also, my father was Incharge of SUket Sadan Rest House, sundernagar and was asked to keep all non-members away from drinking in rest house. And that thekedaar was drinking and my father asked him to leave that place and he said to my father that nobody talked to him like that before. And he planned to get my father into problems. And one day he entered my dad's office and put money on his table to sign that paper. My father asked him again to leave the place and take permissions from S.D.O . But he left that place leaving the money on my father's table. My dad went out and asked his co-worker to take money and give back to thekedaar. As that co-worker came out to give his money back, vigilance team came and arrested my father. He was in jail for 2 days and got bailed but he is suspended from his work. What should we do?