encroachment of land

dear sir, my name is Manojna, I'm a resident of Bangalore but my grandparents live in shimoga. My grandparents bought a plot of agricultural land back in 2001. They have been cultivating crops in the land since then. Recently in 2012 a person suddenly claimed that the land was his and has put up a case in the court. Even though all the property papers did belong to my grandparents ,as the geographical mapping of the plot has been not done properly, he falsely claims that it is his land and since then has been bribing officials to get his property papers done. Not long after the civil court brought an injection order against him,he appealed for the high court. But unfortunately the high court favored him. As the case is yet not solved in the DC court my grandparents had not taken a further action. not until recently he has even resolved to violent ways. My grandparents were threatened and beaten for setting foot on the land. He's an ex MLA and we don't have any political background. Can you please guide us