Mandatory ECS Mandate form by Heritage School - Kolkata

Dear Sir/Madam, I am not sure whether this issue falls under the Civil law or not. My son's school "The Heritage School - Kolkata" has issued a notice by which they have made it mandatory for all students to submit the quarterly school fees through Bank-ECS. Till date we had bee paying the school fees by cheque by personally depositing in the school's bank account at Punjab National Bank. We never have been a defaulter nor have paid the fees late and I assume most of the parents to be the same. Our issue is: 1. The ECS-Mandate form has details of Account no., MICR Code, Account Holder's name, student Name so on and so forth, but nowhere it mentions any amount that would be deducted, which means we are supposed to give them a blank cheque. 2. We do not want go for ECS deductions as they are difficult to stop as I could gather from some of my friends and colleagues. 3. The school teachers have threatened some of the students that if they do not get ECS from filled up by the parents, then they have to leave the school which is very atrocious. 4. They have thrown this monkey on our shoulders in the middle of the annual exam time. I will be highly obliged if you could give me some advice, if what the school is doing is legal and how to stop this ECS thing and continue in the conventional method of paying the school fees. With best regards, Sanjeeb