traitor related

Sir, On the 14th of August 2012 i wrote " pakistan is celebrating yome azaadi today, happy independence day to pakistan" over facebook as an status update. I am an Indian Citizen & love my country too no doubt, i wrote such becoz there exist my friends from pakistan too on facebook, i have read somewhere that on special occasions like cricket, inpendence day, republic day, on the event of great sorrow, we can support any nation. Is what have i read true, my views are correct according to the law?? Ok.. Whatever may be , but i am asking this question because over facebook , few of my friends are advocate and live beside my home. So they started saying me that "You dont know anything, you could be charged legally, criminal or traitor related law will be enforced on me, You should not update status like that". They are elder to me i simply was embarrased, but i thought i was not wrong.. So please help me out, & advice me whether they r right or i am??? And please sorry if have written something me quickly