Legal opinion

Hello sir, My name is Krishna.I was married a widow(having one male 3 years old) in Feb 3rd 2014.My wife's son was staying in village with his maternal grandparents. There is no proof about my(Krishna and sita) marriage.My marriage was done in small temple with my relatives and my wife's relatives.My wife's first husband died with an accident near to his house.There was two stored building with first husband name. First Husband details:- Father mother 1 older brother married with two kids. 2 sisters married. Now,is there any possibility to demand about maintenance money for his son.Even me(Krishna) and my wife discussed to first husband's father and mother about his grandson's future.They r saying that,we won't give any property to sita nor to his son,until if they send his grandson to there house.My wife was worried about his son's future.She don't need anything,except maintenance money from his first husband family. Is there any chance to get property to kavitha and to her son