poa unregistered

hi, these days im facing some problem i hope you can give me some suggestion. actully my problem is simple and twisted, my father purchased a land on my uncle name long time back and now my father had sold out that property to some1 eles through (POA) but after a year passed my uncle made a complain agaist my father that he have forged the documents and sold it to some1 else and my bad the POA is not registerd in the department,where all the documents where sent to transfer POA to POA on the other person name. because my uncle was asking more money when he already tooked the money from my father before singing the documents and my father paid him the nice money to my uncle but after a year past he made some query and found out that the POA which was first in his name did not have any record registered of the POA of other person, and we made a query with a person who took all the document to transfer POA of uncle to other person and he's saying that its registered in the department and wen we made query with other person who live their from where the POA transfered work is done he first said yes its registered then after a day he said its registerd but photographs are missing and today when he asked me to forward the POA documents Picture thru whats up and after some time i sent the pictures and know in the evening hes saying theres no POA record register in that name but im having all the legal documents with all the legal things which they do to register the POA in the department .im confused dont know what to do. help me out waiting to hear from you soon