Widow eligibility in deceased husband's house property

Dear Sir/Madam, I am Nirmala from Bangalore. 6 year old widow and a mother of 13 year old boy. There is a house in Indiranagar Prime area which belongs to my deceased father-in-law who has 6 children from first wife and 3 children from second wife. My husband was the last one of three to my father-in-law. My mother-in-law is with my brother-in-laws. First wife's children are 3boys and 3 girls. Already there is a case won by first wife's chidlren for share of the property. Which even went in family court and is now held up as no decision or compromise made by either parties. The property was a gift to my Father-in-law by his mother and my husband's brothers have made a fake will which was denied and not considered by the court. So its equal share of 10 I guess. I would like to know how can I approach the family court for the status, is there any share for my son and myself, how do I claim for it? What is the way out as my brother in laws and mother in law wants to enjoy the house worth 90-lakh to 1 crore which is in the prime area by themselves giving emotional dialogue like father's remembrance pursay. I believe in equal share to all and as a single mother and after facing uncertainty of the life so close would like to make some basic financial safety for my son. Please correct me if I am wrong in my intention. Please advice. I lost my husband in a hit and run case accident by a call centre vehicle had no insurance too. So trying for some financial return if possible which I believe is my son's rights.?