fraud builder

I had purchased plot at rudrapur from a builder of registration address delhi, and site address under jurisdiction of nainital. Now when I found out that he is a cheater I stopped allotment money and asked for refund. Builder held application money on ground of not paying full amount of flat while I never confirmed in the application form that I would pay entire value. Then through consumer court about 4 years at delhi I fought a legal war against him and when he was just going to negotiate out of court supreme court ruling came that only cases of actual places be fought at their respective state, and I had to go to nainital court. After 3 times of visit I could find a lawyer who took advance and assured of running this case there. After so many months when I found out that case was not lodged and time is skipping , when I forced him then he took the date in the case. Now, he says I would not be able to run and to arrange for other lawyer. What should I do as already status is not confirmed to me of the case and he is not taking any interest. Only one point is positive in my case that the builder is verified defaulter and already more than 10 people are suffering with them I am connected>