refund of fee

Hi I have enrolled into a IAS coaching centre in Bangalore . I have paid a fee of 53000/- for one year course at one shot. Initially I believed that this institute is better to train us on subjects to get prepared for the exams , but later after few months I found that the centre has no caliber to teach properly. More over there are no faculty's to teach. Every month each faculty's are getting changed which in turn leading to the discontinuous flow of subjects. Initially during the orientation class (ie. Before joining) they had told me that all the faculty's are teaching here from a very long time and also they come from Delhi to teach us they said. But later after getting into the centre, I never found any faculty from Delhi nor from Bangalore properly. There r only working staff so called as tellecallers just to call students like me and ask them to enroll into the centre. They are just extracting the money from the students. There is no proper teaching and management in the institute. First one or two months they did well but after that the teaching is so bad that they r trying to finish off every subjects within a short time which is not possible as the portion or syllabus are very huge. They conduct classes for 1.5 hours which is not at all sufficient to complete the syllabus. In spite of that even for a silliest reason the institute declares holiday. Am not at all happy with their service and never expected that this institute is so worst on teaching. Hence I have decided not to attend the classes anymore and asked them to refund back the fee. But they are denying to do so. Please advice me to step further on the refund, please.