love marriage

this is Mrs.kumari, recently i married(love marriage) on 24.05.2014. my husband ls lower cast(ST) and my cast is General (BC). my father passed before 3 years ago. i had only two sisters and one brother. my sisters had married and brother unmarried. i am residing at my mother before marrige along with brother. after marriage i am be at my husbans home. i conveyed my love marriage to my mother but she wont agree to marry with i loved person. finally i married with loved person.After so many months i tried to my family to accept us. but they wont accept both. when the marriage i dont take any amount n clothes when lefting my home. i want only that my mother, sisters,brother accept us rather than any amount. but they are refusing for i break their belive on sisters husband is making do not contact with my mother by using my critisising about familiy name is gone by her(me). my wish is accept both of us....i tried but they wont talking n they wont giving my clothes also.....i waited for their response but it is use less.the living property they residing home is my dad's property. my dad is given doury to my two sisters their marriage. will i get any portion of my dads property ? why i asking will i have any right on dad's property.