How should I Prove that IBPS is an government state in the court?

I've filed a writ petition in high court of Jabalpur, MP, regarding irrational and arbitrarily cut-off fixation by IBPS in PO-4 exam.The court has asked my lawyer to prove that IBPS is a government state,in the first hearing on 16/01/15 and the next hearing is scheduled on 22/01/15.. I've found a copy of CIC judgement,of an old case,of year 2011, where the CIC has directed the IBPS to be transparent in its operation and stated clearly that , "It is noted that IBPS is functionally dominated by or under the control of the Appropriate Government and thereby making it an agency of the State." The Appeal No. of CIC judgement is CIC/DS/A/2011/000802 . The appellant in this case is Shri Ashwani Kumar Avasthi, Aligarh and the public authority is SBI, Mumbai. Please help me to extract important points from this judgement, and provide me other points,which you feel important, as well. The link of the judgement of CIC is: