No emi till possession confusion

Hi, I have recently purchased a property in Noida in NO EMI till possession scheme, I got my loan approved and when the first demand letter was given to Bank they are saying they have disbursed the entire Amount to builder asked in the demand letter let give me you an example (not want to share the actual details). The first demand letter says 30 lacs and the Pre EMI or NPV amount for 3 years is some where around 8 lacs, so bank disbursed the 22 lacs in respect to the actual demand letter saying that they have deducted the NPV amount which builder will bear for 3 years. Now builder generted another demand letter to me asking for the remaining 8 lacs, when over phone asked about this demand letter, they said it due to some system mistake. When asked for the confirmation about the remaining amount of 8 lacs which as per bank has been disbursed to the builder but nowhere in transaction, they are not giving me any confirmation receipt of that Amount. Now over mail they are saying they have accepted Loan of 22 and NPV of 8 lacs, which as per me should be Loan 30. Please help me in understanding of this process I am scared that the builder at the end should not ask for the 8 lacs back again and I end up paying interest part as well. Plz plz plz help!!