Maternity benefit

Hi, I work with a reputed private bank i had joined the bank in Jan '14.I have all the joining documents in place, in the month of July i was pregnant and was advised bed rest by my doctor till the delivery,which was in Nov. I had submitted all the documents regarding this to the HR which includes the medical certificate as well. The HR had received the documents and everything was fine,but suddenly in the month of October the HR told me that they are sending me the relieving letter without my resignation also. After a lot of discussion with senior management they agreed that they would give me the maternity leave as well as the maternity benefit.. But, even after my delivery in november'14 and after intimating them on phone as well as submitting all the necessary documents to them till January i have not received the maternity benefit. To,make the things simpler, i would like to inform you that all these maternity benefits as well as the maternity leaves are very well mentioned in the HR Policies of the bank on the bank's website. Request your advise.